July 29, 2017 – FoRRGS Annual Garden Stroll

Mark your calendars to visit the Garden on Saturday, July 29, 2017 between 1:00 – 3:00 PM.   This family-friendly free event is open to ALL and will surely  be a celebration!  This year, the Stroll is part of 2017 Historic Calgary Week; expect to have fun, while learning about this special place.  We’ll have: info sessions, bargain book sale, exciting draw prizes, a unique glass garden (glass art for sale), light refreshments  and tours at the adjoining Union Cemetery too.  Other surprises may be in-store; you’ll have to come and see for yourselves; bring your friends along to share in the memories!

About Diane Dalkin

I have been President of FoRRGS since 2013 and a long-term volunteer of this exceptional, dedicated team. As a Master Gardener, this special site appeals to my horticultural interests; however it offers so much more. Whether you are a historical aficionado, a nature enthusiast, a photography buff or simply searching for quiet repose, Reader Rock Garden is a destination-of-choice ... Yours to discover.